Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't get it...

So it seems like everytime I get on blogger I tend to just play around with my page and make it look different and pretty...  I never seem to get on and actually write a new post.  Weird?  I check blogger all the time to see what the rest of you kids are up to but, I've never been able to comment on anything because my "smartphone" (which isn't so smart. Hmmm....) never let me!  So here I am my blogging peeps and peep-ettes! Oh how I've missed you! Don't worry updates to come VERY soon! Yay! I now have a NEW computer annnnnnnndddd.... A semi decent camera! ( ...that I thought I broke earlier might I add! :O )  I noticed I have a tendency to pretty much let my kids take over anything I have that has to do with technology these days, and if they haven't given it back to me broken I usually break it myself anyway... It really is a sad story. :/ Are we still ok to post new- New Year's resolutions? Gah!

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED! I hope your ready... Keep a look out because here they come! Like a bat outta hell! (Wellll... Maybe not THAT fast... my internet isn't all that in a bag of chips if ya know what I mean. =]])
See ya soon ladies and gents!



  1. oh you...You make me laugh! I miss your face, and your witty humor. Smoochies!

  2. Where are your updates?! I miss you! Save me from work!


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